Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Henry update.

The picture is my sister Gracie (5 years) and Henry (3.5 months). The girls love him SO much. Its very sweet.

In one week, my little Henry will turn 4 months old. This week he's suddenly making so much progress developmentally! His hand-eye coordination is really good now. He can pretty much grab anything within arms reach, and quickly too. I can tell that his depth perception is getting better because when I hand him a toy his hands used to try to grab in front of or behind it and he'd have to search for it through the air a little before actually grabbing it, and that process has almost been eliminated now. He can also ROLL OVER now!!! Yay! Two days ago he rolled over from his back to his tummy (over his right arm) and has been practicing ever since! The only problem is that he can't roll from his tummy to his back, which is funny because I've read that most babies figure out how to do that first. He has always hated tummy time until this week, after he learned to roll over. And now that he doesn't mind, we play on the floor all the time! In fact, I am laying on the floor with him right now.

I just measured him from the top of his head to his heel - 27 inches! Wasn't expecting that! According to the internet that's well above the average baby's 4 month weight. And I don't know his exact weight but I'm going to guess its around 16 pounds. He has a doctors appointment in a few days so I guess we'll find out then. I also purchased a high chair and I've fed him rice cereal with a spoon three times now! He seems to like it. I will probably just stick to breastfeeding while he's sick though.

We are both sick today. My poor Henry is teething, has a runny nose, and plenty of boogers. :/ And I can only assume he has a headache, because I sure do. I'm pretty sure he gave it to me actually, because I noticed his runny nose before I felt a thing. I'm going to go to the store and buy this "vapor bath" stuff for him and some cough drops and chicken noodle soup for me! If I make it out of the house, that is...

And Daddy is gone. He's been gone over a week and we've still got over a week to go, but I've been emailing him a lot. I think he'll be really excited to come home to Henry since he has so many new tricks to show him! And of course he is always growing. growing growing growing. Why do they have to do that anyway??

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